Find U.S. trademark design images

What's the big idea?

Trademarx.US offers a top-notch trademark image recognition system to the public, for free.  It may surprise you to hear that even USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) does not have real trademark image recognition software at this time.
Perhaps you have an image/logo that is in the works and you want to perform some research, to ensure that you don't waste your time designing a logo/brand that is already in use.  Or maybe you have a trademark image/logo that you want to register with USPTO.
Trademarx.US is brought to you by INOVAYT, Inc., a technology company that builds systems with human beings in mind.  Any info that you enter into our system may be temporarily stored.  It is not accessible or discoverable by anybody.

Use our system

You won't be bothered with having to sign up or anything like that.  Upload your trademark image/logo (or provide a URL).  Then you will be taken through our industrial-strength workflow system to create a Collection of relevant trademark images that are currently registered at USPTO.  If you want to, you can select some relevant design codes along the way (USPTO likes those design codes).
  • Our system is not designed for mobile devices.  Please use a laptop or desktop.
  • It can take a while to deliver results (several seconds).  The processing involved is very intense.
If you have some comments or suggestions, please send us an email.