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These notes can be very helpful so please read through them the first time you are using the system.
  • After uploading your image, you will be prompted to select some USPTO "design codes". This step is optional but it can be very helpful when your design is very complicated.  A design that is more complicated is actually easier to apply design codes to.  For example, an image with a knight on a horse in a circle can resemble quite a few different images but it is also very straightforward to find some applicable design codes for it.
  • Your image can also just be "stylized text", e.g. the "Google" logo.  Such trademarks do not have any associated design codes so you can skip that step for such images.
  • An abstract sort of logo, such as the Nike swoosh, may be more difficult to find design codes for (unless you're a trademark lawyer/analyst).  You can just skip the design codes selection step if it's not pretty obvious to you what to select.
  • So why all the talk about these USPTO "design codes" anyway?  Keep in mind that if you ultimately want to register a trademark image that is not "stylized text", design codes are a necessary part of your submission to USPTO.  USPTO does NOT currently have trademark image recognition software, so they have to rely on design codes.  The good news is that you can easily collect the applicable design codes along the way in your workflow (you'll see).
  • For a complicated image, when you are presented with its related images for the first time, sometimes they can appear to be "all over the map".  You just need to guide the system a bit in order to get you on the right track ==> just select a few examples and you will be well on your way to creating your Collection.